Academic System – Master of Science in Aquaculture

Semester System

The 2015/2016 academic session at UMT starts from September 7, 2015 to September 4, 2016 for Master of Science in Aquaculture Programme.

Every academic year consists of two (2) semesters, Semester I and II where each of them consists of 17 weeks (14 weeks of lectures and 3 weeks of examinations).

Credit Hours

For all courses, an hour lecture in a week will be rated as one credit hour. Practical classes which usually require 3 hours per week in the laboratory or field are also rated as one credit hour. The following are the description of different credit hours

2 hours of lecture per week (2+0) or
6 hours of practical per week (0+6) or
2 hours of lecture + 3 hours of practical per week (2+1) or
3 hours of lecture per week (3+0)

Credit hour requirements for graduation for Bachelor of Science in Aquaculture

The minimum credit hours required for graduation for Master of Science in Aquaculture programme is 40 (credit hours).


The curriculum is the core of a learning programme. Student who passes all core courses in the curriculum is allowed to graduate provided they fulfill the required credit hours.

Student who failed any core courses and unable to repeat the course within the study programme, is required to repeat the particular course in the extended semester without taking consideration the minimum credit hours per semester.ter.

Programme Scheme

The programme scheme is important and has ben alligned with the educational goals of the university. Details of the programme scheme for the programme can be referred at the respective page.

Course Selection

Each programme has two components:

i. Programme Core Courses

The programme core courses are the courses offered based on the needs of the programme. These courses develop the students’ expertise in the field of study. It is complusory for the students to take this course and they must pass these courses with a minimum grade of B. Shall they fail, they have to repeat the respective course.

ii. Elective

Elective courses are courses to be chosen by students from any school based on their interest and their potential. Students are required to take minimum 6 credit hours as listed in the programme scheme. Elective courses will be graded and their credit hours will also be taken into account.


i. Fees/Debt
Students who still owe or do not have a financial guarantor are not allowed to register.

ii. Information Update
Students are responsible to update their personal information from time to time and inform the School for record purposes.