About Us



Faculty of Fisheries and Food Science is established on September 1, 2019, in line with the academic transformation of the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. The academic programmes are designed towards producing skilled personnel in the field of fisheries and food science to meet the needs of the industry.

Programmes Offers

The faculty offers various levels of programmes which combines science, technology, management and entrepreneurship that will produce globally competitive graduates. All of the programmes are accredited by the MQA and the contents are revised periodically according to the needs of the industry.

The programmes are as follows:

1. Diploma in Fisheries

2. Undergraduate Programmes

  • i.   Bachelor of Food Science (Food Technology)
  • ii.   Bachelor of Food Science (Food Service and Nutrition)
  • iii.  Bachelor of Applied Science (Fisheries)
  • iv.  Bachelor of Science in Agrotechnology (Aquaculture)
  • v.   Bachelor of Science Agrotechnology (Crop Science)
  • vi.  Bachelor of Science Agrotechnology (Postharvest Technology)

3. Postgraduate Programmes

a) By Coursework

  • i.  Master of Science in Aquaculture
  • ii. Master of Science in Tropical Fisheries


b) By Research

  • i.  Master of Science
  • ii. Doctor of Philosophy

Offering programmes in the field of fisheries, food science and agriculture is a pragmatic step towards upgrading the level and quality of fisheries, food science and agriculture industry in Malaysia. The Faculty aims to develop trained manpower in the field of fisheries, food science and agriculture, that are competitive, have high self-esteem and virtuous to meet the needs of the workforce.

The Faculty will be able to play its role in the aspect of mastery of various knowledge and skills in applied science and agrotechnology, teaching and learning, through approaches, methods and recent findings in line with government policy and the aspirations of the people.

The Faculty of Fisheries and Food Science is located at the campus of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu which 25 km from Kuala Terengganu and 8 km from the Sultan Mahmud Airport.