Student Guidance System (SBS)


Student Guidance System (SBS) in this school was established during the implementation of new curriculum. These Academic Advisors are academic officers (lecturers) who could provide academic advice and also act as a mentor for students’ learning and personal problems.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of Student Guidance System (SBS) are to create a systematic channel of communication for students to share their problems, especially in academic matters and to bridge the relationship between students and lecturers.

The Role of Academic Advisor

  • Help students understand the curriculum, semester systems, registration systems, examination systems and course exemption.
  • Assist students in planing their scheme planning.
  • Assist students in making course selection.
  • Provide advice in overcoming academic problems.
  • Identify related problems, which can lead to academic problems that can be referred to certain party that has the expertise to solve the problems.
  • Verify and endorse academic certificates and documents.