Research & Innovation – AWARDS


School of Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences strategy to excel in high impact and quality research has paid off when two of the researchers won gold medals at the 26th International Invention and Innovation Exhibition (ITEX), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ITEX is an international platform for local and international inventors and research scientists to present their inventions and innovations to a business community keen on commercialising unique inventions. Organised by MINDS (Malaysian Invention & Design Society) since 1989, this annual event attracts inventors with their latest inventions and innovations from universities, research institutions, individual inventors, young inventors, and corporations from Malaysia, Asia and Europe. ITEX recognises unique inventions through the Invention and Design Competition where local and international awards are awarded. These winning inventions gain maximum recognition and attract even more business opportunities. Dr. Helena Khatoon won two gold medals in the agriculture category for her products namely; Shrimp Post Larvae and Home Aquarium. Meanwhile, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yeong Yik Sung won two gold medals for his research in additive and novel feeds for shrimp aquaculture.


Product Inventor – Dr. Helena Khatoon

Dried Biofloc-Mixed Feed “LarvAid” is a 100% pure natural biofloc contained product and free from aquaculture waste contamination. This product has been sun dried to retain its nutrients, high in protein, lipid and carbohydrate content and has an ideal fatty acids profile. Dried Biofloc-Mixed Feed “LarvAid” is a premix shrimp larval feed which booststhe immunity and growth of shrimp post larvae and increases its survival rate. It is an environmentally friendly product which can be kept up to a year under normal conditions and 2 years if it is refrigerated. Tetrabeads are used for rapid and efficient removal of ammonia, nitrite and phosphate in a home aquarium system. The easily harvested microalgae can be converted to biofertiliser, animal feed and biofuel. The easy and effective application of tetrabeads can be used in solving harvesting problems, wastewater treatment, aquarium industry, aquaculture and agriculture. It is a low cost green technology as well as an environmentally friendly product.


Product Inventor – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yeong Yik Sung

PELLET P3+ is a new aquafeed for boosting protection of the white leg shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei against virulent Vibrios. Feeding bacteria encapsulated with Heat shock proteins (Hsps) represents a new alternative to battle Vibriosis in aquaculture, an important disease caused by the bacterium Vibrio. Feeding with a formulated diet with bacterial cells over-expressing a combination of heat shock proteins, termed Pellet P3+ showed enhanced survival rate of the white leg shrimp when challenged with Vibrio harveyi. PKC NUTRI+ is a novel feed for intensive tank production of the brine shrimp Artemia, an important live food for aquaculture. PKC-Nutri+, a palm kernel cake-based emulsion was formulated as a novel inert feed to boost intensive biomass production of Artemia in tank system. Palm kernel cake is a by-product from palm oil production and they are considered as a cheap agricultural by-product. PKC-Nutri+ generally contains 21% protein, 47% carbohydrate, 6% lipid, 22% fibre and 4% ash. Feeding with PKC-Nutri+ boosted biomass production from 4 g of nauplii to 160 g of adult biomass after 14 days of culture, an approximately 4000% increase in terms of relative percentage from its initial weight. Nutrient analysis performed on the Artemia biomass fed with PKC-Nutri+ revealed 59% protein, 13% carbohydrate, 6% lipid, 14% fibre and 8% ash. The fact that PKC-Nutri+ promoted better biomass, survival and growth makes it an excellent inert feed to substitute the use of expensive microalgae, a coup when operational costs are considered.