Research and Innovation Excellence

UMT is extremely serious in its research works. The establishments of Institute of Oceanography and Environment, Institute of Marine Biotechnology and Institute of Tropical Aquaculture provided strong support in gearing the efforts towards research excellence. With these careful plan and management, UMT maintains its good research and innovative records. UMT has good research and innovative record. Its efforts have been repeatedly rewarded with recognitions and awards won by its team of researchers at national and international levels.

UMT’s participations in the Science, Technology, and Innovation Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur as well as the Product Technique and Invention Exhibition in Geneva prove that its research are of high standards when they successfully keep on bringing back gold, silver, and bronze medals. These awards and recognition reflect the strong determination and high commitment of its staff in achieving the best for the institution and the country.

The recognitions and achievements accomplished by UMT at its tender age are evidence that this institution shall become an outstanding Institution of Higher Learning in the near future.