GG31–Bachelor of Science Agrotechnology (Postharvest Technology)

Bachelor Science in Agrotechnology (Postharvest Technology)


The Bachelor Science in Agrotechnology (Postharvest Technology) is a three-year programme. It is offered by the Faculty of Fisheries and Food Science, UMT since 2005. This programe is developed to produce graduates with theoretical knowledge and substantial skills in the postharvest technology mainly on commercial agricultural products. Graduates of this programme are also exposed to other subjects such as crop production, animal husbandry, fisheries and aquaculture that in line with modern agricultural development as well as the demands of our society. Additionally, this programme highlights the relationship of plant morphology and physiology in preventing the postharvest losses which is of major importance for global food and nutritional security. Therefore, this programme provides an update on the latest technologies to maximize quality and shelf life of fresh agricultural products.