Bachelor of Food Science (Food Service and Nutrition) With Honour

Bachelor of Food Science (Food Service and Nutrition) is the first program offered by the Faculty of Fisheries and Food Science (FPSM), UMT. This program was offered since May Session 2000/2001. It is one of the most popular study programs at UMT. This program has been recognized by the Public Service Department (JPA) on October 29, 2003 and subsequently recognized in the list of Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). The program applies knowledge and skills in the field of food science generally in terms of composition and nutritional value of food, the legislation of food safety, as well as the analysis of food and product development. This degree provides added value to the students in terms of knowledge, skills and management required in commercial food service industry that is increasingly emphasizing on the provision of safe, healthy and high quality food. The program also provides students with expertise in advising on the intake of ideal amount of food and its relation to health to the community.


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  1. Entry Requirements
  2. Program Education Objectives
  3. Program Education Outcome
  4. Synopsis
  5. Schema

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