8 June 2024| Santuni Asnaf Project Community and Green Ambassadors

Assalammualaikum Alhamdulillah Community Santuni program finished today. This program give opportunity for mentors with mentees to plant 60 musk lime trees at Bukit Kor farm. Well done K8 and congratulations to all mentors Dr Yusnita Hamzah, Dr Afifah Jaafar, Dr Nor Hayati Ibrahim, Dr Sayid Hafiz Bara’bah Dr Tg Rozaina & mentee Food Service and Nutrition – FPSM UMT  

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6 June 2024| Congratulations to Recipients of the Tuanku Chancellor (BTC) and Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (BUMT) Scholarship

Assalammualaikum| Congratulations to Muhammad Hanif bin Fadzli who accepted the Tuanku Chancellor Scholarship (BTC) offer while Muhammad Syafiq Aiman ​​​​​​​​​​​bin Mohd Nasir and Teo Han Meng accepted the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (BUMT) Scholarship offer for the year 2024. Hopefully with the help of the scholarship this they can help them pass successfully.

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4 June 2024| Practical Session of Food Processing Using Retort Technology

Assalammualaikum 4 June 2024: Practical Session of Food Processing Using Retort Technology for Year 3 Students, SM Food Science (Food Service and Nutrition) who are following the STM 3123 Course (Principles of Food Processing and Preservation) at Test Bed MARDI, Kuala Terengganu. Speaker: Mr Ts Ashadi Yaacob @ Ramli and Mrs Nor Azmah Umar, Senior Research Officer, Center for Technology Transfer & Entrepreneur Development, MARDI Kuala Terengganu Thank you to the MARDI Kuala Terengganu team for the opportunity and guidance

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4 June 2024| Program FPSM: Walk, Plog and Plant

Assalammualaikum| On 4 June 2024, a total of 16 SM Aquaculture Science students, 16 SM Food Science (Food Service and Nutrition) students and 15 SM Food Science (Food Technology) students held the FPSM Program: Walk, Plog and Plant at Telaga Papan Beach, Setiu Terengganu . This program is part of Santuni’s CCM3011 Community course activities. The co-organizers of this program are Balai Islam Sultan Mahmud, UMT, WWF and Ija Plastik Gang (GPI). WWF and GPI are NGOs and communities that

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03 Jun 2024| Santuni Community at Kampung Magkuk Setiu, Terengganu

Assalammualaikum| On 3 June , 2024, 28 Bachelor of Applied Fisheries Science students with 7 accompanying lecturers successfully completed the CCM3011 Santuni Komuniti course located in Kampung Mangkuk, Setiu. The program starts at 8:00 am and ends at 1:00 pm. The activity started with the cleaning of the nursery and the activity of sowing 50 gelam saplings and 42 coconut trees at Rumah Tok. Then, the session continued by planting 28 mangrove saplings in the Mangrove Lab area. The last

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30 May 2024| Public University Community Empowerment Program Implementation Fund (Komuniti@UniMadani)

Assalammualaikum Congratulations to Prof Dr Shamsul Bahri bin Abd Razak and members, Professor Dr Najiah binti Musa and members and Dr Mohd Fazrul Hisam bin Abd Aziz and members for successfully getting funding for the Implementation of the Public University Community Empowerment Program (Komuniti@ UniMadani) of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) . Hope to always be able to share the benefits to the community.  

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The Faculty of Fisheries and Food Science embraces a philosophy grounded in the sustainable management of aquatic resources and the pursuit of knowledge in food science. We believe in fostering a harmonious coexistence between humanity and aquatic ecosystems through responsible education, research, and innovation.


To be a globally recognized hub for excellence in fisheries and food science, driving transformative education, impactful research, and sustainable practices that contribute to the well-being of communities and the health of our planet.


  1. Provide quality education in fisheries and food science that equips graduates with practical skills, scientific knowledge, and ethical values.
  2. Conduct cutting-edge research to advance the understanding of aquatic ecosystems, food production, and safety, contributing to sustainable practices and global knowledge.
  3. Engage with industry, government, and communities to address challenges and opportunities in fisheries and food science through collaborative partnerships.
  4. Foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, preparing students and faculty to contribute to the evolving landscape of fisheries and food industries.


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